About CheapToday

The Web site is the Internet’s premier destination for community curated, unbiased collection of the best deals, sales, coupons and news at stores that matter in the areas of Fashion, Lifestyle and more, as solely defined and directed by our Community. Deals are published on and Facebook. Users can stay connected by email via the Daily Deal Alert emails or by following Cheaptoday on Twitter. Our mission is to find “What’s Cheap Today at Your Favorite Store”.

The Power Shopper Community

To fulfill our mission our Web site is powered by our growing Community of Power Shoppers. Who are these Power Shopping deal finders? The Cheap Today Power Shopper Community is a group of women who are motivated by finding great deals, sharing deals, and earning rewards for their Community participation. Anyone can apply to join the Community and start earning rewards that can be redeemed for a share of our monthly cash reward pool .

Cheap Today created the Power Shopper Community so our Web site user can have an unbiased and authentic shopping experience, one based on delivering value. By creating an empowered Community monitoring the best deals, sales, coupons, and news at stores that matter most to each Power Shopper, we will deliver a shopping experience solely defined and directed by our Community. The Community chooses the deals, the stores, and the very direction of the Web site.

We Publish Only the Very Best Deals

We're very different from most online shopping sites because we are independent. Nobody tells us what to publish. We actually don't make or sell clothing, accessories, apparel, or anything else. We are strictly interested in finding and publishing quality deals for you. Our Power Shoppers work very hard finding where the best deals are and making sure you know about them.

We Closely Track Your Favorite Stores

How do we do this? It starts by having our fingers on the pulse of what makes your favorite stores tick. We closely monitor major retail stores and up and coming boutiques for the best in Fashion and Lifestyle deals and the assorted Product Samples and Special Offers. We do our homework and speak to the stores on your behalf every day. We know where the sales are and when the hot deals are available. This saves you time so you don't have search for the deals. When you find something that fits your budget and tastes, you can compare it with a few other similar items and make an informed decision. Users can stay informed by signing up for our Daily Deal Alerts.

How Do We Make Money?

So, how do we make money then? We get paid for advertising on our site. We also get paid by companies when you find something on CheapToday and go on to buy it. Rest assured, we are the ones that decide what to put on our site though, no one else. If our Power Shoppers don't like it, we don't publish it. This ensures that only the best deals get published. Hopefully, you'll like our discoveries and decide to buy something once in a while!

Contact Us

We are always thirsting for feedback- the good, the bad, and the ugly. Give us a shout on how you think we are doing, how we can get better, and if, perhaps, we should working with you to make CheapToday even better. Best way to get in touch is via our contact form.

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